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Thinking he was asleep she was about to leave when she heard a soft voice calling out [Foreplay]. She sucked in her breath as she felt her nipple being urgently nursed by the bed bound tit sucker! Her left hand was now jerking up and down the length of the hard pecker while her right was frigging her own pussy! Becky had never been this hot before in her life, as both her nipple and clit seemed to have an electric wire connecting them to each other! Becky could feel her pussy starting to lose its load while moaning, “I'm cumming,” as she jerked Phil's dick harder and faster! The result was a huge explosion of cum shooting everywhere and a guttural groan came from Phil's throat as his cum spewed out of his shaking pecker!

After several minutes of recuperation, Becky went into the bathroom and straightened herself up, then after returning with a basin full of warm water and a wash cloth she asked, “Sir, would you like a sponge bath?” “Yes, please,” he answered with a soft sigh, that would be nice!!!” After spending about ten minutes cleaning Phil from head to toe, Becky asked, “Same time tomorrow, sir?” “You bet,” he replied, “same time tomorrow!”

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As fountains of hot burning sparks flew out of Sapna’s pussy and mouth, Sapna started buckling wildly despite her restrained limbs,

“See that mom?” Rahul asked Sapna, pointing her head towards the ceiling where Rahul had strung up a foreboding looking hemp rope in a noose….

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Each thrust of my cock into her ass causing the tingling to shoot through her body, making her shiver
in reaction, her stomach heaving as her hips rocked uncontrollably against me, guttural grunts, UG

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